Your Source for Contacting Local Media

I plan to post more later, specifically about what marching orders we might expect the Republican party's campus foot soldiers to be following in the month of February, at least according to one of their own field guides.

As for now, I just wanted to link to a very useful website with contact info for local media all over the country. Though it is by no means complete, considering it only has the Ithaca Journal for print media in Ithaca, even though this community is also served by the Ithaca Times, the Cornell Daily Sun, and the Ithacan. Not to mention more left of center magazines like Buzzsaw Haircut and Turn Left, as well as the heir's of Ann Coulter's Cornell legacy, the Cornell American. (It's only in the name of fairness and balance that I link to the Cornell American, it is in no way an endorsement.)

(Hat tip Jane@FDL, which she in turn got from an unamed diarist at Daily Kos.)

- Glitter

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