Think O'Connor doesn't matter?

Check out The Nation's Blogger on the subject:

Court Fight: It's More Than Left vs. Right

Nichols makes some excellent points about the impending nomination and the possibilities it brings.

"A Scalia-Thomas majority would not only reverse more than seven decades of Supreme Court legal precedents, but could also return us to a situation America faced in the first third of the 20th Century, when progressive legislation, like child labor laws, was adopted by Congress and signed by the President, but repeatedly rejected on constitutional grounds by the Supreme Court."

The posting also includes a timeline of cases in which O'Conner was the deciding vote. Good stuff. You can also read about what our senator upstate has to say about it:

Schumer urges president to nominate moderate to succeed O'Connor


Two of my favorite least favorite things...

A great example of the marriage of money and politics down here in the capital...how CAFTA will be a big win for the pharmaceutical industry and their team of lobbyists down on K Street, and a big loss for Central Americans:

Drug Lobby Got a Victory in Trade Pact Vote

"The work of these drug industry courtiers, who represent what is arguably Washington's biggest and wealthiest lobby, appears to have succeeded in the Central American Free Trade Agreement. The agreement would extend the monopolies of drug makers and, critics say, lead to higher drug prices for the mostly impoverished people of the six Latin American countries it covers."

Just another example of whose interests CAFTA will benefit. And yes, it refers to the place where I work...shameless promotion. Since CAFTA passed in the Senate last week and is up for vote in the House later this month, it's something that will be of ongoing interest in the news...or at least I hope it will.