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Cause I have nothing better to do at this very moment

My New Years prediction is that I will drink a beer in a watering hole called the Springwater. Here is the reason I forsee such a thing. BBj on DCB

I may also speak to BBJ on New Years Eve before he provides the birth of an event that I would like to call "a new year's eve that does not suck." If said interview does happen, who knows, it might just end up in the pages of Buzzsaw.

Oh. Silver Jews tour dates have been announced:

03/10 - 40 Watt - Athens, Ga
03/11 - The Earl - Atlanta, GA
03/12 - Grey Eagle - Asheville, NC
03/16 - Satellite Ballroom - Charlottesville, VA
03/17 - Webster Hall - New York, NY
03/19 - Middle East - Boston, MA
03/21 - First Unitarian Church - Philadelphia, PA
03/22 - Ottobar - Baltimore, MD
03/24 - Little Brother's - Colombus, OH
03/25 - Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI

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Another video post for Finals week

Friggedy Fuckity cool video for Stephen Malkmus' "Baby C'mon"

Stop Motion Animation

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy video for "I Gave You"

If I were bald I would maintain hair like his to accompany my beard



Video Clips of Interest

Here's a little distraction for the storm of Finals:

Crazy Christian sees the dark-sided

(Courtesy of Crooks and Liars)

The truest symbol of American Pride

(Courtesy of Planet Vids)

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Good day Good Day

This page is soon to be retooled and beautified for the public eye (Thank you TJ). While the current page you are viewing is temporary, it is still important to mention that Buzzsaw Haircut, the print magazine has a lot of hubbabaloo floating around at the moment.

1) New issue premieres on Ithaca College campus today.
2) Staff is giving free Buzzcuts in the North Foyer from 11 am - 2 pm
3) Buzzfest in the Pub. A showcase concert to benefit Katrina relief efforts, featuring The Bumblebees (a twee-pop band who claim to be from Alberta, Canada), The Shaving Mishap (An Accordion, a Bass, a Guitar, and what they claim is a sense of humor), Billie Sings The Hits (Billie Rokosny of the Product does his thang), and Jack Bauer (Local denizens of more complex rock www.jackbauermusic.com) The show starts at 8 pm.

Lots of interesting stuff coming up in the future, including the Future issue...which will feature interviews with Bill Moyers and David Berman of the Silver Jews.

And in the world of unfortunate news, President Bush seems to have put Karl Rove in charge of the reconstruction of New Orleans. Rove, he of the political mudslinging and CIA agent outing fame.

From the NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/09/15/politics/15bush.html?adxnnl=1&adxnnlx=1126850552-ayjefdYN5vWwSMhRLFB7Sg

"Republicans said Mr. Bush would not mention a price tag, in large part because of budget and political pressures from House Republicans and other supporters angry about administration spending.

Republicans said Karl Rove, the White House deputy chief of staff and Mr. Bush's chief political adviser, was in charge of the reconstruction effort, which reaches across many agencies of government and includes the direct involvement of Alphonso R. Jackson, secretary of housing and urban development."

While this may sound like a political statement, one would hope that the response to a natural disaster such as this and the reconstruction of a lost American city would not be politicized by the administration...though of course that would be an ahistorical hope, since this administration's track record don't run that way.

As with many things in the world of politics, read what Josh Marshall says at talkingpointsmemo: http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/week_2005_09_11.php#006547

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Think O'Connor doesn't matter?

Check out The Nation's Blogger on the subject:

Court Fight: It's More Than Left vs. Right

Nichols makes some excellent points about the impending nomination and the possibilities it brings.

"A Scalia-Thomas majority would not only reverse more than seven decades of Supreme Court legal precedents, but could also return us to a situation America faced in the first third of the 20th Century, when progressive legislation, like child labor laws, was adopted by Congress and signed by the President, but repeatedly rejected on constitutional grounds by the Supreme Court."

The posting also includes a timeline of cases in which O'Conner was the deciding vote. Good stuff. You can also read about what our senator upstate has to say about it:

Schumer urges president to nominate moderate to succeed O'Connor


Two of my favorite least favorite things...

A great example of the marriage of money and politics down here in the capital...how CAFTA will be a big win for the pharmaceutical industry and their team of lobbyists down on K Street, and a big loss for Central Americans:

Drug Lobby Got a Victory in Trade Pact Vote

"The work of these drug industry courtiers, who represent what is arguably Washington's biggest and wealthiest lobby, appears to have succeeded in the Central American Free Trade Agreement. The agreement would extend the monopolies of drug makers and, critics say, lead to higher drug prices for the mostly impoverished people of the six Latin American countries it covers."

Just another example of whose interests CAFTA will benefit. And yes, it refers to the place where I work...shameless promotion. Since CAFTA passed in the Senate last week and is up for vote in the House later this month, it's something that will be of ongoing interest in the news...or at least I hope it will.



The great Church of The L Ron and how YOU better learn to face the truth

Came across this from Kevin Drum at www.washingtonmonthly.com via Matthew Yglesias at www.tpmcafe.com

Basically it's an archive of television new reports and documentaries on Scientology...real interesting, especially given the greater and greater media spotlight its getting again thanks to Tom Cruise and his romance. Do check it out.



This is to be the beginning of the process of this becoming operational, and pretty. Hopefully it will develop into something worthwhile for all.

So here's something to shock the senses or atleast enrage the liberal in you (if ye be a liberal)

From the pen of the honorable Richard Santorum (R-PA):

"It is startling that those in the media and academia appear most disturbed by this aberrant behavior, since they have zealously promoted moral relativism by sanctioning "private" moral matters such as alternative lifestyles. Priests, like all of us, are affected by culture. When the culture is sick, every element in it becomes infected. While it is no excuse for this scandal, it is no surprise that Boston, a seat of academic, political and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the center of the storm."

The whole article can be found here: http://www.catholic.org/featured/headline.php?ID=30

I'm sure it was liberalism, academia, and the Boston area which caused the Church and Vatican establishment to cover up the abuses as well...right?

On an unrelated note, I was informed today that the county where Jack Daniels is made is a dry county.



Phase 1 media

This is a test. a test I tells ya.