It's a crime you haven't read the new issue of buzzsaw yet ...

So, the new issue is out. Copies are littered around the Commons and the college. It's the crime/Hurricane Katrina issue. I don't suspect it'll go online until the fall (or later in the summer at least), so you'll want to nab one up like the fast-disappearing print periodical it is. -APF

Striving in Greater Hopes
At first glance, you wouldn’t expect the petite frame of Cyrille Robes to produce such a powerful and soulful voice, but then again the Long Island, NY based band Striving in Greater Hopes (S.I.G.H) has grown accustomed to surprising people. Fusing melodies and catchy lyrics, S.I.G.H produces music that is both hard hitting and raw. S.I.G.H’s aggressive approach to song writing and their mixture of so many different genres, including metal, pop, hard rock and punk, really gives most, if not every listener something to enjoy. Cyrille’s melodic voice perfectly balances the heavy rock riffs of the rest of the band. With their sound echoing bands such as Incubus, Evanescence and Killswitch Engage, S.I.G.H’s metal-driven pop rock is nothing short of entertaining. Their sound remains fresh and unique by combining various styles of diverse bands, yet still adding their own spices into the mixture. Bassist and back up singer, JayR Castillo, accompanies Cyrille’s graceful and upbeat singing with his energetic screams throughout different tracks on their self-titled EP. With their fast riffs and thoughtful lyrics, Striving in Greater Hopes creates unforgettable music. If it’s not their fusion of genres that will get you hooked on each track, it’s the catchy choruses. Each track on their EP has a chorus that will inhabit your mind for days on end and song titles like “Ignoraphobia” and “Schandenfreude” are sure to get your attention even before listening.

S.I.G.H’s 4-song EP rocks from start to finish. Each track has its own unique style, and each band member’s talent brings something important to their sound. Jeff Lyons sets the pace on the drums, JayR brings the groove on the bass, guitarist Jason Mueller and Ithaca College senior Daniel Buquicchio add the killer riffs and Cyrille brings it all together with her amazing voice. With all of their own original material and growing fan base, S.I.G.H continues to tour all around the North East with scheduled concerts almost every week. Check out their music and tour schedule. Catch a show if you’re in the area. You won’t be disappointed. -Jackie McBrien