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Ah, another piece of the puzzle. The intersection of the Bush administration's theories on presidential power and the domestic consequences of the War on Terror.

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Fitzgerald and the WMD Rationale

For a lucid demonstration of how the Plame scandal interweaves with the political selling of the WMD rationale for the war in Iraq, please do take the time to read David E. Sanger and David Barstow's article in the New York Times today.

I've said this in passing before, but I'll say it on this blog's record now. Even if the Fitzgerald investigation does not result in the legal toppling of George W. Bush, it will still serve as a political wrecking ball to his administration as well as the current Republican majority.

Key graf of that thesis, here:

The new account of the interactions among Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Libby was spelled out last week in a court filing by Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor in the C.I.A. leak case. It adds considerably to a picture of an administration in some disarray as the failure to discover illicit weapons in Iraq had undermined the central rationale for the American invasion in March 2003.

I've written about this idea in a more general sense before. You can find that article here in the Privilege issue of Buzzsaw.

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Sobered up

If you're the type who's curious about how things are going in Iraq, may I suggest you read these two articles?

Civilians in Iraq Flee Mixed Areas as Attacks Shift.

Sectarian Strife Fuels Gun Sales in Baghdad.

The last few weeks have been quite the shitstorm of work for this Glitterati, but I do promise that regular updating will begin anew. And I promise to keep this promise.

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