Blog update

I've updated the links on the right with as many Ithaca related blogs I could find using Google and by searching Blogger.

The blogs are roughly ordered top to bottom as such: Local Ithaca Media > Ithaca College Blogs > Cornell and Ithaca Community Blogs > Politcal Blogs > Music Blogs.

For the Ithaca blogs, an inclusion on the links list is in no way an endorsement of the content, rather an acknowledgement of their membership in the online Ithaca community. I tried to only include blogs that stepped beyond the purely personal.

Hopefully once I get a bit more understanding of how to actually manipulate things on the web (i.e. the actual making of a webpage), I will redesign the color scheme and layout of this blog so that it is a bit easier on the eyes and sexier to look at. I'll also create clearer categories for the links on the right.

Though I've failed at following up on some of the topics I've said I'll follow up on in the past (like the Ithacan critiques), I will write tomorrow about the stabbing that occured at Cornell over the weekend.

- Glitter

Oh, and in a random aside, The Hype Machine is an all too addictive fix for my music junkie monkey. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Good call re: redesign. There's debate between light BG and dark BG, but right now yer black w/ very white text puts strain on the eyes. I assume that blogger uses CSS for theming, so it's just a question of plugging in good color hex numbers. But shoot a msg if you need any help.

buzzsaw said...

Thanks Zeke.

I copletely agree that the current color scheme is not only boring, but also a bit painful read (and that's not to mention the content!)

I'm going to talk to TJ, who does Buzzsaw's website, but if that doesn't work out, I will defintely drop you a line.

- Glitter

Anonymous said...

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