Matthews and "Scalito"

Just thought I'd throw my hat into the Chris Matthews bashing that is so in vogue at the moment.

Most news junkies will likely remember how Matthews accused Dems of "going after Alito's Italian ancestory" soon after his nomination was announced. Well, an article in the New York Times today shines a little bit of light on where that meme may have come from:

The team worked through a newly formed group, the Judicial Confirmation Network, to coordinate grass-roots pressure on Democratic senators from conservative states. And they stayed in constant contact with scores of conservative groups around the country to brief them about potential nominees and to make sure they all stuck to the same message. They fine-tuned their strategy for Judge Alito when he was nominated in October by recruiting Italian-American groups to protest the use of the nickname "Scalito," which would have linked him to the conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

It's amazing how Matthews ended up spewing Republican talking points so easily. It really makes one wonder.

- Glitter

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