The Ism Issue

Our second edition of 2007, the Ism Issue, is now out on Ithaca College campus and can also be found floating around downtown. The issue is also up on our Web site, where you can read all the printed articles, plus additional content, including a previously unpublished report on IC's journalism department written by Prof. Alan Wright's Issues and the News class.

There have been some new developments in the Park School since our story on the journalism department went to press. The
Daily Californian reported on Feb. 21 that Park School Dean Dianne Lynch is one of four candidates being considered for the position of dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley. This is quite an honor for Dean Lynch, but one wonders what effect uncertainty over her future will have on plans to revamp Park's journalism program and start a Center for Independent Media. So far, Dean Lynch has made no public statement about her intentions, and both the Park School blog and the Ithacan have been silent on the matter.

ADDENDUM: Dean Lynch has said she takes issue with the identification of her in the
Daily Californian as a "front-runner" for the position. She was nominated for the post and will travel to Berkeley in March for an interview, but she has not yet spoken with the search committee and says the process is still in its early stages. Although four candidates have been scheduled for interviews, Berkeley may still consider more people for the job. If and when she is a finalist, Lynch said, she will inform the IC community. Meanwhile, she is not looking to leave the Park School.


Anonymous said...

actually, to get the facts straight, Dean Lynch has spoken to the staff of the park school tuesday the 20th, stating that she is NOT leaving the park school. So before saying how uncertain things are, check everything.

buzzsaw said...

We are aware of the Feb. 20th meeting at which Dean Lynch told faculty she is not looking to leave the Park School. She is, however, still scheduled to interview at Berkeley, and so the situation remains uncertain.