Buzzsaw Takes to the Streets

If you missed President Bush's speech last week announcing his new plan for Iraq, here is a transcript of the address with commentary from Stephen Zunes of Foreign Policy in Focus. Zunes breaks down Bush's argument to show that his characterization of the situation, while perhaps more realistic than before, is still woefully innaccurate.

Here's another reason, courtesy of Chris Hedges, why Bush's plan is a bad and even catastrophic idea. More troops + less mobility = more bloodshed = more resentment.

So what to do? Congress is hashing out a strategy for how to resist the "surge." Meanwhile antiwar groups are planning a massive demonstration in Washington DC for January 27 to call for an immediate end to American military action in Iraq. Buzzsaw is proud to be a cosponsor of the Ithaca delegation. For more information on the Ithaca group and to reserve a spot on the bus from Ithaca to DC, send an email to buzzsawhaircut[at]gmail.com. For information on the march visit www.unitedforpeace.org.

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